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Seller FAQ

What is the Vegan Superstore?

The Vegan Superstore is a marketplace website where you can register to sell your own products. We promote the site to customers who are specifically interested in the products that you supply.

Why sell on the Vegan Superstore?

Advantages of selling on the Vegan Superstore:

  • Reach more customers.
  • Increase brand and product exposure.
  • Increase e-commerce sales channels.
  • Sell in a trusted environment where we all share the same ethical values.
  • Save money and time on website hosting costs, domain registration, web design and SEO.

What are the Vegan Superstore Values?

Our wish is to take animals out of the supply chain. Everyone involved with the website is vegan and much of their time is donated to the project.

Our core values are that every product here is:

  • Vegan, cruelty and animal testing free.
  • Ethically sourced from companies with fair and safe working polices.
  • Produced, packaged and distributed using as sustainable as possible methods.

How much does it cost?

There is a 10% commission charge per product sale.

Payment processing is included in the commission.

Also included is promotion on the front page, featured sellers menu and our social media.

How do I get paid?

Once the order has been fulfilled and PayPal / Stripe clear the funds we will transfer the amount due into your PayPal account or nominated bank account.

What happens after I register to sell?

We will contact you via email to discuss your proposed product line up. If your products conform to our values we will approve your login and you will be able to begin listing right away.

What can I sell?

Your products can be handmade or wholesale purchased. 

All of your products must be vegan, cruelty and animal testing free. We approve every product that is listed on the site to ensure it conforms to our values.

You cannot sell anything illegal or anything on the Vegan Superstore restricted items list. Refer to the sellers terms and conditions for further information.

I am a small business - what if I go on holiday?

You can set your store to holiday mode to temporarily suspend your products and orders without the worry of losing visitor traffic.

I need more help!

Don't worry there is a messaging module in the sellers panel - just drop us a quick note and one of the team will help as soon as they can.

What are your customer service expectations?

We expect you to respond to customer enquiries promptly and adhere to the agreed processing and shipping times in your shipping policy and your returns policy.

Can I cancel my selling account?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Simply contact us through your seller account. There is no long-term commitment required to sign up. If you just need a break put your store into holiday mode.

How much traffic do you get?

Since 1st Jan 2021 official launch:

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