am very excited to announce the opening of the Vegan Superstore ! It has been 5 weeks in the making but we made it. I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to its creation.

Veganism is experiencing an amazing level of growth around the world and there are many great products available. Our vision is to create an vegan community marketplace offering the finest range of vegan and cruelty free products. From soap to dog snacks we hope to have it all!

Vegans by their very nature are a meticulous bunch. We study every label on every product we buy. But we are also a caring bunch. We don’t just care about animals but also the world we share with them. Our values extend beyond living cruelty free. We also have sustainability and ethical values.

Increasingly supply chain transparency and conscious consumerism is becoming just as important. We want to know that the products we buy are sourced from companies that treat their employees fairly. We want to know we are buying from companies that use environmentally sustainable production practices.

So here at the Vegan Superstore we research and label our products to show how great they are. Being perfect is difficult but if you are looking to shop plastic free, carbon neutral, or handmade (to mention a few) we have it covered.

Our goal is to be the best vegan community marketplace. We want to provide great products with great customer service and enable vegan businesses whilst contributing to registered animal charities.

Gary - Founder, The Vegan Superstore.