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About Us

Our mission is easy vegan for everyone.

The Vegan Superstore is an online marketplace dedicated to supporting and empowering people in making ethical purchasing choices. We want to make it easier for consumers to support independent vegan businesses and in turn assist vegan businesses in extending their brand reach and sales channels at low cost.

Our Goals

  • Make it easier for vegans to support independent vegan businesses.
  • Support vegan businesses in extending their brand reach and exposure. 
  • Aid animal charities by contributing a proportion of the sites profit.

Our values

  • Every product is vegan, cruelty and animal testing free.
  • Ethically sourced from companies with fair and safe working polices.
  • Sustainable as possible packaging and distribution practices.
  • Transparency, trust and honesty with customers and vendors.

Who are we?

We are vegans who have years of experience in web design, IT, marketing, SEO, retail and have done our time reading product labels to make sure they are up to our standards! We see the Vegan Superstore as a way of giving back our skills to the vegan community and at the same time support animal charities.

We want to build the best vegan marketplace community with co-operation over competition.
Gary – Founder, Vegan Superstore.

What do we do?

The Vegan Superstore researches all sellers and products to ensure they support our mission, goals and values. We believe that supply chain transparency is important so also research where the products come from.

Each product is labelled appropriately so buyers can make informed decisions. This is how we will succeed in our mission and make vegan easy!

So come get involved and join our community.

Head to the Australian  or UK store, read our magazine or join our newsletter.

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